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Are you looking to engage with 15,000 of Australasia’s best and brightest engagement professionals?

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As a sponsor of the IAP2 Australasia conference, you can gain access to a rapidly growing network of enthusiastic and committed professionals who are increasingly becoming the key influencers and decisionmakers in government, business and industry.

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Social Pinpoint Website

Social Pinpoint is a comprehensive online platform that facilitates meaningful and accessible engagement opportunities that unite your community. With 40+ tools (and counting), we are consistently investing in our technology so that you can adapt your approach for every project, constantly grow your capabilities, and stay at the cutting edge of community engagement. Create a powerful engagement portal to promote ongoing and active public participation. Establish a consistent feedback loop with your community with automated relationship-building tools. By making your engagement process more open, visual, and accessible, you can demonstrate your commitment to transparency and accountability.

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More than 6,000 government agencies use Granicus to modernise their online services, web presence, and communications strategies. We offer seamless digital solutions that help government actively reach, inform, and engage on the first unified civic engagement platform for government.

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District Engage

Start the conversation with your community using District Engage. Discover new insights, gather valuable feedback, and make sustainable decisions. Our powerful digital engagement tools transform community consultations, empowering you with the information needed for long-term success. Make your next public project consultation effective and insightful with District Engage.

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RPS Group

RPS, A Tetra Tech Company, defines, shapes and manages Australia Asia Pacific’s most successful infrastructure, development and resources projects.  From the transport infrastructure that keeps our cities moving to the renewable energy investments that will power our future, we collaborate with industry, government, and the community to take critical projects from ideas to reality. 

Premium Exhibitor

Borealis Website

Borealis is the most advanced stakeholder relationship management software on the market to support stakeholder engagement activities. Our software is used in over 60 countries, representing a range of different industries such as renewable energy, mining, oil and gas, transportation, government, healthcare, and utilities. Borealis is a crucial tool for organisations that wish to secure social acceptance, demonstrate corporate social responsibility, facilitate land access and acquisition, or consider the impacts of stakeholders’ influence and interest on their core business activities.


Communiti Labs

At Communiti Labs our easy-to-use AI-powered data analytics platform helps engagement teams to collate survey and feedback data across all channels, from both in person and online activities. We then convert insights discovered to actionable strategies via our integrated reporting tool. Get in touch to find out more or to trial the platform at


Spatial Media

Spatial Media creates digital tools that help people engage with the future. Our complete suite of community engagement solutions and visual communications capabilities deliver first in class consultation on projects worldwide.  Our expertise is in storytelling and empowering audiences to understand, interact and share the vision of their future world.

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