Isabella GiaVulva

Community Engagement Drag Queen Participation Consultant Extraordinaire

Isabella GiaVulva is a Community Engagement Drag Queen Participation Consultant Extraordinaire, known around the world for her innovative communications and engagement strategies that bring joy, laughter, and learning together.  

With too many years of experience to count, Isabella brings her unique brand of creativity to unlock fabulous training and participation opportunities for all members of the community. From the corporate halls of international conferences to grassroots community organisations Isabella uses performance to shine a rhinestone spotlight on the tumultuous world of community engagement, market research and communications.  

Isabella has performed her hilarious Highway 12 Upgrade at international conferences across the globe. She has delivered the show as Keynote Presentations at IAP2 Conferences in Canada and the USA and sold out the Darlinghurst Theatre Company during Sydney Mardi Gras in 2024. 

Community Engagement professionals prepare to be wowed by Isabella's Educational Engagement Extravaganza!   

The Queen of Engagement is serving songs, satire and sass in her hilarious and insightful Highway 12 Upgrade Conference Cabaret. Isabella is diving headfirst into the tumultuous world of her dreaded Highway consultation project, a colossal endeavour etched in the annals of community engagement history. Witness as this Queen navigates a contentious path through public scrutiny, a web of stakeholder interests, and a captivating narrative of triumph and innovation.   

Isabella's Educational Engagement Extravaganza peels back the layers of this industry with humour and empathy. Unravelling the complexities of working in community engagement to shed light on her pivotal moments of success and setback. Hear her share her personal struggles with mental health, depression, anxiety, and intrusive thoughts, weaving a tapestry that not only educates but also resonates on a deeply human level.   

Through original musical numbers, melodramatic monologues, and a humorous IAP2 Spectrum Makeover, Isabella creates a unique space for practitioners to learn, have fun, and be empowered. Discover how to unlock creativity in public participation and communications while enjoying a one-of-a-kind educational experience. 

Written and Performed: Isabella GiaVulva
Composer: Yianni Adams
Vocal Recordists: Yianni Adams and Austin Tufts
Sound Recordists: Anthony Badolato and William Ryan
Video: Henry Young, Hair & Makeup: Thel Yang